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“The majority of weight loss programs focus on what you eat or don’t eat. The TRIM LIFE 4-week program is so much more. It focuses on eliminating your appetite/understanding true hunger, balancing blood sugar levels, changing metabolism, managing stress and more. Through hypnosis and reaching the subconscious mind, I personally lost 12 lbs. in one month without having to use willpower or suffer from feelings of hunger, cravings or compulsions. As a TRIM LIFE facilitator, I am enthusiastic every session to share this amazing tool with my clients!” —Veronica, 42

“This program makes so much sense! Veronica has enabled me to get into a state of total relaxation and understanding through the group discussions and hypnosis experiences. I have been able to totally stop snacking and eating overly large meals after my very first TRIM LIFE session!” —Marcella, 61

“This group allowed me to learn about relationships in a healthy way and gave me the confidence to pursue healthy relationships.” —adolescent female, journey into healing group participant

“The group instructor was very organized and got her point across…I felt that the educational factors of the group are likely to come up in my personal life and help me realize good relationships from unhealthy ones.” —adolescent female, journey into healing group participant

“I want to express how grateful I am to have had such a pleasant experience at CFCC. The reception staff was pleasant and very helpful. My son had his intake appointment with Mr. Ed Becker, who was fantastic. He listened to my son and me, taking time to understand our situation. I wasn’t rushed as he listened to my concerns; he took the time with my son as well. We have had many difficulties finding the right treatment, but I feel we have found the right place to meet my son’s needs. Not only did we get in very quickly for the intake appointment, but also the appointment with Dr. Hussain is less than a month away. I look forward to a positive treatment experience with your group.” —Michelle

“I've been on a diet trying to lose weight all my life. I would lose the weight and then regain it. But with the TRIM LIFE Program, I know I will keep off the weight I've lost. The sessions are amazing. I've given up caffeine and sugar; what a difference in how I feel! Thank you, Veronica and the TRIM LIFE Program; you've changed my life and my eating habits.” —Cathy

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